Sun Damaged Skin

Our skin is extremely susceptible to injury from exposure to the sun, and sometimes even the most persistent sun care regime might not be enough to prevent skin damage from occurring. Sunlight is actually a cocktail of light energy existing at different wavelengths, and some of these wavelengths are particularly damaging to the skin.

Ultraviolet, or UV light is perhaps the most well-known and prevalent type of light which can cause severe injury and damage to the skin. In extreme cases, UV exposure can damage the genetic material within our cells severely enough that skin cancers, or melanomas, develop. In other and more common instances, exposure to too much UV will cause sun burn and pigmentation issues.

Sun damaged skin can be painful, and where the damage is extensive, quite often very visible. This can impact your confidence and leave you feeling less than comfortable with how you look, which is why many people look for quick solutions to sun damaged skin.

Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

Simply Smooth offers a number of skin restoration treatments which can help you recover from sun damage. Microdermabrasion, specialist facials, and laser treatments can all be offered to help restore your skin back to full health.

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