Scars are never a welcome feature on our skin, and depending on their cause and location, they can severely impact your appearance. Scars form as part of the body’s natural repair processes, during which fibrous materials can sometimes replace normal, healthy skin cells. When this happens the area of injury, while healed, is still visibly different from the surrounding skin.

One of the most common sources of facial scarring is acne, severe cases of which can cause can cause long lasting scars.

Treatment for Scars

Fortunately these scars can be very effectively addressed through routine skin treatments which aim to strip away surface layers of skin which are mostly comprised of dead cells and debris. Microdermabrasion and specially made facial therapies are effective in this regard, and aim to exploit the fact that our skin is a complex, layered structure which is constantly rejuvenating itself. By exposing the healthier, scar free layers of skin beneath the topmost layers, the appearance and overall health of your skin will be vastly improved.

Simply Smooth also specialises in laser treatments, and this can be applied alongside microdermabrasion to achieve fantastic results.

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