Our Laser Technology

Laser hair removal has been used for years because of its simplicity, safety, and the longevity of its hair removal effect, and in the time since its inception, laser technologies have evolved and advanced. One of the latest and most effective laser based treatments is the Polaris ND Yag, a laser system which has been established as one of the best of its kind.

The Polaris ND Yag system is used at Simply Smooth because of its successes in the field of hair removal, so if you choose to have your treatment at Simply Smooth, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the finest laser technology in the world is being used to your benefit.

The ND Yag System works to emit a single wavelength of focussed light energy through the skin and into a structure called the hair follicle. The follicle is responsible for the growth of new hairs, and by targeting this particular component of your skin, laser treatment prevents further hair growth from targeted sites. The laser used effectively targets the follicle as it will be rich in a compound called melatonin, the substance responsible for colour in our skin. The fact that melatonin is used for targeting explains why dark hair often responds better to laser treatment.

A number of sessions are needed to ensure that the ND Yag laser effectively treats all of the follicles within a targeted region of skin. After a consultation with a skin care professional, a treatment plan can be put together to ensure that you get the right number of treatments needed for an effective and long lasting result.

The laser itself is easily delivered to target areas of skin through a hand piece applied by the clinician responsible for your treatment. It will usually take about 2 weeks for the effects of the treatment to kick in, and the hair to fall out. Subsequent sessions will ensure that all of the hair is effectively removed.

The ND Yag Laser treatment can last far longer than traditional methods of hair removal, making this treatment the ideal solution to unwanted hair.