Laser Hair Removal for Asian Skin

Laser hair removal has managed to finally offer a lasting, effective method of removing the irksome body hairs which plague most of us. Gone are the days of painful waxing and frequent shaving thanks to the advent of a technology which targets hair at the roots. The UK is rich in many different cultures and ethnic groups, each of which have distinctive skincare needs because of how skin of different tones and types are composed and behave. These different properties, which define skin colour amongst other things, determine how skin reacts to laser treatments and how effective laser treatments can be.

Asian Skin & Laser Treatment

Asian skin treatments offered by Simply Smooth include laser hair removal which can hugely benefit people with darker skin and hair. In fact, because of the way laser technology works, darker hair absorbs light energy more efficiently than fairer hair, and Asian skin can be very effectively treated with laser hair removal. Our ND Yag Laser is renowned for treating Asian skin tones.

Hair colour is determined by the presence of a colouring agent or pigment known as melanin. Melanin is an important human pigment, and is in fact the specific component of hair which absorbs laser energy. The more melanin in hair, the more readily the laser itself is absorbed and the more effective the treatment. To effectively deliver laser treatment to darker skin types however, the laser equipment must be calibrated specifically to Asian skin.

Most of the clients receiving laser treatments at Simply Smooth are Asian in origin, and as such, the staff at Simply Smooth are well versed in tailoring laser treatments to the requirements of Asian skin. This leads to fantastic results and a notable difference in the quality of the treatment provided.

Modern laser treatment technologies are extremely versatile, allowing for the safe and effective tuning of laser devices to particular skin types. While in its early days laser therapies were less flexible, modern devices cater to the diverse skin types found in the UK. With the experience that comes with tending to Asian skin on a regular basis, Simply Smooth is more than prepared to ensure that laser technology works to your benefit and delivers outstanding results.

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