Differences Between Laser & IPL

Light energy has proven to be a potent source of a number of important and extremely popular cosmetic technologies. Two techniques at the forefront of the popularity of light based treatments are laser and Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL therapy, but if you are in the market for such a cosmetic solution, you may be wondering what the actual differences between the two are. In this article we will explore the differences between these two techniques and what it is they are used for.

Here at Simply Smooth we only offer laser treatments and not IPL. Many of our clients have turned to laser hair removal after having IPL treatment at other clinics and having experienced disappointing results.

Both laser and IPL technologies share in common their applications. Laser and IPL are used extensively for the removal of hair, tattoos, and a range of other skin blemishes and marks. Both rely on the use of high energy, focussed light waves to achieve their goals. However, there are some distinct and important differences.

Laser itself is a unique kind of light which possesses a number of distinct characteristics. A laser is essentially a very focussed beam of light emitted at a single wavelength, this means that it is light of a single colour, and is hence referred to as monochromatic. Conversely IPL is not monochromatic, and the light emitted from IPL equipment will actually exist in a range of different wavelengths.

Laser is a much more focussed light energy which offers precise results, as a single wavelength is used within a laser device, the light used will often be tuned to your skin type, adjusting the treatment to your skin type and yielding better results.

IPL on the other hand is much less focussed, and because a range of different wavelengths of light are applied to the skin, only a few of these are actually of any direct use. The more dispersed nature of the light energy in IPL also means that the treatment is less powerful than laser, and as it can’t be tuned with the same precision as a laser device, this also means that the treatment is most likely going to be restricted to people with lighter skin.

Generally speaking laser might be better for you also because the pulses used are extremely efficient and short, meaning that less heat builds up on your skin reducing the risk of injury and burns.

While laser and IPL treatments both rely on the same core principle of light energy, the way this is utilised will vary, leading to dramatically different results. Simply Smooth offer high quality laser high treatments because of the many advantages this technology has to offer over other, competing light based technologies such as IPL.

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