Anti Ageing Treatment for Fine Lines & Winkles

Wrinkling is an unwanted but unfortunately inevitable part of growing older, and as we age we will find facial lines, fine and otherwise, increasing in their frequency and appearance. This is a natural part of changes that affect the skin with the passage of time. These include the loss of vital materials like hyaluronic acid for water retention and volume, collagen for tone and structure, and elastin for our skin’s natural elasticity.

These changes are compounded by the effects of years of exposure to sunlight and other damaging stimuli, and a lifetime of muscular contractions as your face moves into your various facial expressions.

Treatment for Fine Lines & Winkles

Ultimately these various factors will end up in facial lines, and these very obvious signs of aging will often take their toll on your confidence and appearance. Many people are unhappy with their wrinkles, which is why Simply Smooth offers you an easy and effective solution to fine lines.

Laser & Microdermabrasion Treatment

Finer wrinkles develop in the outermost layers of skin which are largely composed of dead cells and debris. These are effectively addressed through microdermabrasion offered both with and without laser treatment at Simply Smooth in Bradford (near Leeds). Laser therapies can help support the effects of microdermabrasion, helping you address particularly persistent cases.

A course of treatment is recommended for long term results.

Specialist facials also on offer at Simply Smooth can also help address fine lines.

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